Goffstown Village Precinct
Annual Commissin Report
The New Year followed the 2nd snowiest December in this area and clearing hydrants became very important. Several potential new single and multiple water service requirements were presented and reviewed. Developments often require new water mains in the streets and direct connections to residences. Our two reservoirs and both wells were reviewed.  Our engineers are working with the State of N.H. D.E.S. as we plan future services. A very thorough Hydrant Flushing Program has been carried out because many services are disrupted during the Main Street Project. Often, new components require  disinfecting. We request that any problems with service be reported directly to the Office at 183 N. Mast St, phone 497-3621 for fastest attention and contact.
A new State of NH Asset Management Program designed to provide data on the entire Goffstown Water System has been available for management assistance. Our review proved it to be a necessary tool as needs increase. A Grant will pay a large part of the cost for training, equipment, and use. It has been helpful already. The NH Ground Water Bureau has been very helpful.
Our Budget is prepared annually, and submitted to the Town and State for review and suggestions.  The GVWP  bills for facilities has been listed in the lower brackets. An increase was just made to provide more funds for projects  that we are anxious to start. Water samples are taken from several locations and sent to the State for review. A Consumer Confidence Report is mailed to subscribers every year. Usage is about 9,000,000 gallons/month.
The Water Board meets the Second Tuesday of every month to review an Agenda and for a safety session on equipment and workers. Current Status of projects, equipment and needs are reviewed.  Guests are welcome. We have 26 miles of piping and over 1000 customers. Request cards were issued with bills to obtain phone or computer data to contact people regarding water issues.
The Girl Scouts and David Pierce have reviewed the trails and prepared a map. Two new trails were found and named Mountain Trail and Kenlaw Trail.
Our major source of water is from the Reservoirs that have testing and sampling facilities.  A half million gallon reserve tank on High Street also can work if a major fire needs it. We own several hundred acres of woodlands and have a forestry management plan in place.
Two separate sites are serviced as needed. The precinct maintains a booster station for the residents of Glenview Association on Tyler Drive.  We have a satelite system Mountain Laurel Estates off Shirley Hill Road srevicing 46 homes.
A major Road Design Project on Main Street starte at the intersection of Mountain Road that will run up North Mast Street to the Cemetery. This involves  excavation, paving, granite curbing, water lines, sewer pipes, hydrants, and safety with redirecting traffic and pedestrians. Our portion of the project was to install new water main on Main Street. This was completed in July. 
Our Staff includes Lee Minnich, field supervisor ably assisted by Mike Demers. Linda Naughton is the Clerk and handles the Office, and Marlene Gamans is the Moderator at the Annual Meeting.
Respectfully Submitted,  Allen D. Gamans,Jr – Chairman    –   Board Members,
    Raymond Taber (2016)   Stephen Crean (2017)   Henry Boyle (2018)   Richard Fletcher (2019)
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