Goffstown Village Water Precinct Town Report

A Board of five Water Commissioners handle all matters that relate to provision of water to over 1,000 homes, several commercial subscribers, fire hydrants, and for many special needs. Scheduled meetings are set for the second Tuesday of every month. The office is open every day m/f until 12:30 at 183 N. Mast Street for an opportunity to discuss a situation, or a call to 497-3621 will reach our Staff.

Richard Coughlin served as a Water Commissioner for many years. He provided wisdom and hands-on assistance from many years of plumbing experience. Dick reviewed situations many times at meetings or on site and had the needed answers. Stephen Crean was selected to fill the vacancy on the Board and his experience will serve well. He was sworn in on May 10, 2016.

For several years, the Board has set aside a considerable amount of the income funds to repair or replace portions of some water mains to improve service. It became necessary to increase the rates to do work on some mains that are over 100 years old. Several housing projects are in the planning stages and they will have water service. The Precinct has two Wells, two Reservoirs a half million gallon “Emergency Tank” on High Street, and some local service Pumping Stations. A Hydrant Flushing program is done twice a year, and water samples from several homes are sent to the State for test and review. The Upper Reservoir on Mountain Road is out of service for review and possible work on the Dam. This will be resolved soon. The N.H. Department of Environmental Services and our engineers have carried out substantial reviews of the Upper Dam as part of a Statewide Program and at our request.

All of our monthly meetings are open to the public for discussion and review. The Annual Meeting is held in March each year. Notices are posted and nominations are made for the Treasurer, Clerk, and Moderator. Officers are voted individually. Commissioners serve 5 year terms and a vote is taken for this position. The Budget for the next term is approved and other discussion will be covered.

Safety discussions are held at every meeting to cover potential mishaps, vehicles, equipment, apparel, or any needs off the Staff. These are handled on top priority. Damaged Hydrants, Broken Pipes, digging damages, etc interrupt the flow of water often causing temporary reduction in water pressure or quality. These are addressed promptly after direct notification to the Water Department.

The Precinct maintains a pumping station on Tyler Drive that serves homes there and is a potential lead into a development behind this system. We have Satellite at Mountain Laurel Estates off Shirley Hill Road serving forty-six homes.

In addition to the present operation we are working closely with the Goffstown Dept. of Public Works and potential Sub Contractors for Re Hab work on Main Street. New Mains will be installed to replace piping that is old and larger ones where necessary.

This will be a very busy year!

Respectfully Submitted

Allen D. Gamans, Jr. Chairman

Board of Commissioners

Stephen R. Crean, Raymond Taber, Henry Boyle, Richard Fletcher,

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