Goffstown Village Precinct

                    The Board of Water Commissioners handle matters that relate to the provision of domestic water supply to the Village section of Goffstown. The responsibility for fire flow needs as well as commercial usage. The Board has a staff of 3 that manage the daily operations and billing associated in operating a water system. The office, located on North Mast Street, is open Mon through Friday from 8:30am-12:30pm. The Board meets the second Tuesday of every month at 6pm, all are welcome.

                The Board of Commissioners has had a few changes in the last year. Raymond Taber passed away after serving on the Board for 22 years and served as our safety commissioner. Raymond was heavily involved with the hiking trails located on the Precinct land on Mountain Road along with the Rails to Trails. In his honor the board renamed one of the hiking trails to the Taber Trail. Gene Piana was appointed to replace Raymond. Another Loss to the Precinct Board was the retirement of Allen Gamans. Allen served on the Board for 30yr and was the Chairman for the last 29yrs. Over the years that Allen served, the Precinct built the Mountain Rd Water Treatment Plant, Water treatment for the Wells, the High Street water tank and completed over 37,000 feet of water pipe replacement within the system. Mark Renaud was appointed to replace Allen. Both these men were heavily involved with the community and will be missed.

                2018 was a busy year for the Precinct staff as we replaced over 4000 feet of water pipe in the Shirley Park neighborhood. The upgrade was necessary and way over due to the age, condition of the pipe and water quality issues in the area. In 2019 the Precinct will be redevelopmenting our primary well and start pipe replacement on Church St. The Church street pipe is approximately 100 years old and has been causing many water quality issues. This will also help with fire protection in the area.

                The Precinct also maintains a water pump station on Tyler Drive and owns and operates a satellite water system at Mountain Laurel Estates.

Richard Fletcher, Chairman

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